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Alfa laval plate heat exchanger data sheet

5X Exchanger Cost, Installed 2X 4 Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger, model M15-BFG, (168) aluminum plates rated 150 psi @ 300 degrees F, 1115 sq Alfa Laval - Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets 100% European Quality Only, Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, and Plates for Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers for Alfa Laval, M3-VG, M6-FG, M6-FD, M6-MFG,.

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Alfa Laval AQ10 AlfaQTM AHRI-certified plate heat exchanger. Applications Plate heat exchanger for general heating and cooling duties. Standard design The plate heat exchanger consists of a pack of corrugated metal plates with portholes for the passage of the two fluids between which heat transfer will take place.

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Laars LM-5652190 Heat Exchanger , DHW, 22 Plates, ( ALfa Laval ) ... Plate Heat Exchanger . Our Price: $2.89 . Laars Mascot HT 330 HT 1.330 Baxi Parts Baxi Baxi Luna HT 380 Luna HT 380 Luna HT 1.330 LM-5671520 Valve, 3-Way Assy . Our Price: $190.89 . ... Product Manuals ; Heat Exchangers >; Popular Models.

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Semi-Welded Plate. Model Number. M6W - M10W - MK15W - T20 - TK20. Product Description. A comprehensive range of semi-welded plate heat exchangers for most types of refrigerants and fluids, combining the flexibility and serviceability of the gasketed units with the assurance against leakage of the welded units. alfa laval m6w Data Sheet.

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SKU: 3900561127 Categories: Heat Transfer, Maintenance & Servicing, Specials Tags: 3900561127, Clip 8, Clip8, End Gasket, End Plate II Gasket, Plate Heat Exchangers Brand: Alfa Laval Description Data Sheet.

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Thanks to its unique plate geometry, the TS6 steam heat exchanger is thermally optimized for steam condensation duties. This makes it useful not only for heating water but also for heating clean-in-place (CIP) solution by means of steam and other heating and cooling applications. Alfa Laval's TS6 steam heat exchanger is easy to modify by adding.

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