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Groovy find element in json array

def parsedJson = new JsonSlurper ().parseText (request) //Parse XML content in the response. def response = context.expand ( '$ {REST Request#Response}' ) def parsedXml = new XmlSlurper ().parseText (response) //Assert values in the request against values in the response.

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This will output: 1 - 6. The first element is found, at position 1. The second element isn't found, and would be inserted at position 5 - at the end of the array. The return value is - (insertion point)-1, so the return value ends up being -6. If the value is above equal to, or above 0, the array contains the element, and it doesn't contain it.


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So this query to find the name attribute will fail: [email protected]:~$ cat legislators.json | jq '.name' jq: error: Cannot index array with string So we have to use the array selector (the []) to access individual objects. To find the name object of the first Congressmember object (again, remember that elements in the array are numbered starting with 0):.

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The best way to check if an element is in a python list is to use the membership operator in. The following is the syntax: # here ls is a list of values. a in ls. # here ls is a list of values a in ls. # here ls is a list of values a in ls. The above expression returns a boolean value, True if a is present in the list ls and False if its not.

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In the following example we use JsonBuilder to create a root JSON array: import groovy.json.JsonBuilder // Example class. @groovy.transform.Immutable class Villain { String name } // A list of Villain objects that needs to transformed // to a JSON array. def list = ['The Joker', 'Penguin', 'Catwoman', 'Harley Quinn'].collect { name -> new.

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In second example, the array is directly declared with initial values. Also, it has been casted to the String that means this array has elements of type String. 3. Access Array Items . In Groovy , you can access array item by using square bracket with.

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